Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Mystery

I did not
Make the rain!
No sneering dowager.
No randy gardener.
No butler who
Never did it.
No old diseased
Colonel creeping
Round in the sun.
No mystery:
A leak and
Caulking gun
Suspended between
Heaven and earth.
No mystery,
Only me.


  1. An excellent example of how less than 1000 words can capture an image! Yep! To say more would break the spell....

  2. A brief catalogue of one's favorite drawing-room mystery stock characters helps --especially when solving a roof leak.

  3. love the wooden fringes on the edges. Did you make those? Love the poems as always too.

  4. Thanks Annie B., glad you like poems and edges. Yes I did make those fasciae long ago.


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