Saturday, February 26, 2011

Planetary Fouette

[photo credit: Daughter]

What we gain at
Sunset, and
Daybreak forget
Again --our
Shadow cast over
The curve of
Earth-- there
We perfect, in
Night when shadow
Is everywhere,
Our daily birth,
Our own light.


  1. While your poem showed it perfectly, I had to look up (just because it goes with my territory) the balletic term fouetté, and found this clip:
    which for me didn't especially give me more meaning, except that I know you have experience through being a dad in that genre. Lovely imagery in both media, photo and words....

  2. Thanks Will. It's the circular leg-lash movement of ballet, Sufis, square-dancing farmkids, frantic quarterbacks, planets, galaxies, dust-devils and dreams. Keep dancing, dear friend!


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