Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shower O Joyous Spring!

First raindrops
Spread upon pavement,
Meet, flow, swirl in
Gutters to gurgling grates
Where heat goes, trapped,
And something underneath
Waits as steam in
Darkened air
Revolves and glistens.
Something quite impossible,
Balled in fear,
Listens to what it
Can't understand in
A world it doesn't know,
Then sleeps.
With monsters it is
Always so: we form
Deep beneath the light,
Then grow.


  1. Here is another poem that at first I felt cheated when I saw there was no accompanying photo (maybe it would need a video, if that), but when I started reading it--and especially when I got to its conclusion--I said No! What a delight, Geo.! We are there, thanks to your acute observation and feeling....

  2. Thanks Will! Two reasons for no picture: we forgot and left camera at Adam & Thu's, Easter; poem is obviously about my allergies, which are hard to photograph.


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