Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Aerodynamics Of Mothers

[Norma photo:infant doves]

Red-tailed hawk cleaves
A cyclone of swallows,
Climbs, reading the
Ripples of her shadow.
Bushtits snap in thickets.
Mocker recites its
Catalogue of crows, cats,
Crickets, for all who need
Know and, below in ivy,
A gray dove sits
For her photograph.
Fear though, when the
Camera nears, sends her
Clear of the nest
To land nearby.
"Here am I," she
Says silently.
"Leave them, chase me."


  1. Ah! As a child I knew that mom was at least as powerful as a raptor, and my older sister--pulling me into a closet to escape mom's ire one time--referred to her as the fire breathing monster for something my then seven year old sibling had done. The ferocity of moms, both benevolent and malevolent is a familiar and pleasant subject, especially in retrospect! Thanks to that great mom for her photo here, too!

  2. Your mother could breathe fire too? We must be related!

  3. awesome or All yer blogs are shining Geo.

  4. Thanks, Annie B. I've been enjoying your posts too!


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