Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Aerodynamics Of Rapture

[Norma photo: same doves again, with mother]

Life is a moment
To moment proposition.
Even infant doves
Look lived-in by and by.
Rapture is, for me,
Deferred by imperfection,
But doves, doves
Can fly! I walk
In late spring heat.
Shoes, feeling rather
Full of feet, are
Left on lawn.
I have not gone,
Ascended, only forgotten.
Watch the doves,
And could you bring
My shoes in?


  1. Reading the poem aloud was the key for me! Love it! Akin to those of Theodor Seuss Geisel and Maurice Sendak. Interesting counterpoint of that dark, dark photo image from Norma.

  2. Thanks Will. But let's not forget Capra. Latest Rapture was the same sort of what-if and I think we all felt it orbit the globe. Old Harold pulled a Bedford Falls on us. Our local Thurberesque "get-ready" man told us to be good and people listened with their imaginations. Yes, there is a darkness to it but dove-families let photographers get closer in the evening.


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