Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Look Up

[Norma photo]
It's not only signs
And portents; we
Need to know when
Something, even
Something remarkable,
Means nothing.
Recovery is not always
Restoring what one has been.
It is always discovery
Of what one can be.
Heavens may open,
Angels flock clouds and
Armageddon ring.
Leave me alone, I'm
Fixing something.


  1. The need,
    The need to,
    The need to know.

  2. Certainly powerful motivation. Your comment is itself a poem, a good one too. Thanks!

  3. Tomorrow, the world
    is ending once
    again, at last.

    A time to fix
    things quickly, don't
    be taken unfinished.

  4. Comments are producing better poems than my posts, DB. If this doesn't indicate a state of incompletion, I don't know what does. Oh phooey, we've all been thru worse than Armageddon. And I've still got plumbing to do.

  5. Few things are as eloquent as good plumbing.

  6. lots of views of the back of you, fixing someting. :) I haven't had timein months to browse the geo musings but I do wanna tell you: I still do love your poetry and writings and Norma's and your photos.


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