Friday, October 4, 2013

A Young Man Photographing His Father

A dream mirrored in 
A mirror dreamt
Trains itself, flowers open.
Dark unmeasured
Mind extends its tendril
Into time and night
Turns into day.
Am I smaller or 
Farther away or more
Or all three in a garden we
Dreamed a future for?


  1. 'Dark unmeasured mind' is a beautiful description that I can't wrap my mind around...I've repeated it so much to myself that I'm pretty sure it's imprinted forever.

    Every poem you post seems to top the one before, it's amazing.

  2. That is a nice photo of your son and you!

    *Or all three in a garden we
    Dreamed a future for?*
    Loved that ending to your poem.

  3. "A dream mirrored in a mirror dreamt"- - those opening lines really grab me.
    A wonderful photo.

  4. Larger, actually. Eye and angle deceive. Spirit knows.

  5. You always catch me by the heart and brain with your words. I don't breathe until the last word.

  6. Hey Geo! This is great, and made me think a little too much. Still, thank you =) Indigo


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