Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Each Hour Unfolding Is

Each hour unfolding is--
And I can close a gate against
The course of other things--
Its own green timepiece,
Planted to perfect the past
In mystery, enclosing
Grass, those roses, these
Easily illuded eyes.
Each hour, however
Cannily planned,
Includes surprise.


  1. This, I believe, is the fundamental purpose of free will: surprise.

  2. That last line made me shiver a little. Changes - surprises - are good, and inevitable, it's just... Right around the corner. On my next break. When I get off work.

    Wow, Geo.

  3. A lovely little poem.
    So enjoyed this one, Geol
    May you always be surprised with lovely moments of 'each hour that unflods'

  4. Just around the corner...that seems to be how life leads us. Holding my gr-daughters, feeling their heads now reaching my chest, when memory says their heads should still be at my waist...That's a surprise.

  5. Plant a seed and what grows from it is always a mystery.

  6. I take heart that your view of "surprises" is such an optomistic one....not quite as much for me. :) I joke that one day I will write a book, "Living In The 2%" because quite frankly, if there is a 98% chance all will be well....dude, I'm in the 2. lol However, I will hold your view of surprises close to me today....

  7. Today I understand what surprises can mean. Time brings good and bad surprises as we watch our selves go fragile with aging. While skyping with our son yesterday I noticed how his skin is perfect just like mine was twenty some years ago, then I kicked myself for being vain..


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