Friday, February 27, 2015

Romance Of Modern Horology

I've had senses
A long time.
Used to them.
Some lights dim.
Others flare by these
Fences, fill the sky.
I know time, my
Name, planet, under its
Flame, explores
Eons by season, as do
I, while light pours
Into reason


  1. "... while light pours into reason," what a beautiful way to describe this place in which we, hopefully, find ourselves. My inclination has always been to see it as enlightenment, when really it's simple maturation. Perhaps they are the same. Either way, a certain peace is found, and that is what it should be all about, imo. Lovely poem.

  2. As we are used to our senses we tend to take them for granted. The occasional flare of light forces us to remember that the senses exist and need to be exercised.

  3. Such a beautiful sky with bright beams of Sunlight and a poem of delicate verses to compliment them. Perfect theme for a reasoning mind to start believing in romance.

  4. May that light never stop illuminating our senses and inspiring us to reach for our dreams...
    A truly beautiful and inspiring poem, Geo!
    Thank you so much.:)

  5. Magical poem, Geo. "Eons by season" has such a great, evocative sound.

  6. It's not "having" the's the way you use them: beautifully, expressively, fully.


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