Sunday, February 8, 2015

California Rain At Three

Rain outside our porch
Screen, seen on a 
Sunday years into drought.
She points her camera 
Out because of me.
I spoke of Giverny,
Where it is midnight and
We must catch the light.


  1. This one caught me, just for a moment, in the heart ... I could feel it ... thank you. Beautiful.

  2. Norma captured a Thomas Kincade effect here. I realize it was the rain rather than brush strokes but it is an interesting view.

  3. You and Norma make such a great team.
    Really, really like this one!
    Smiles ...

  4. I felt a real connection with this is so like our weather I felt totally at home! ;)

  5. Photography is an art and Norma is an amazing artist.
    Like Margie says, you guys are a great team.
    I learned something new today. I had to look up Giverny.

  6. Your words take me there. Is my shoulder wet?

  7. There are some feelings that I can only experience because of people like you and Norma who take time to write/click them down.

  8. There's something so poignant about the rain. Love this short poetry.


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