Thursday, January 29, 2015

Early Spring, Norma Recharging

Morning finds her
Parting plastered leaves
Over flowers---
They unfurl like
Elfin flags.
She sets the camera down.
Some unseen powers
Snag its lens around

And dream prismatic
Beams to catch her
Studying the ground.



  1. There is such magic in these words and pictures...I am spellbound!

    Have a Great weekend :)

  2. There's a lovely traditional cadence here ...

  3. Thank you all. Norma did not want me to use the 3rd photo because it was an accident. But what I saw amazed me. Altho we are both in our middle 60s, the sunbeams returned her appearance to that of a young girl --white hair excepted. And there is something universal here: I think it is how we often see the ones we love, just never saw a camera do it on its own before.

  4. Yes...such an incredibly beautiful picture...full of love's magic! :)

  5. My favorite is the third photo! The dramatic effect of the beam is marvelous.

  6. That's an awesome picture, and "prismatic" is an excellent word.
    Be well, Geo.

  7. The third picture is magical. Good thing you used it.

  8. Norma is beautiful that photo of her


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