Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Order Of Appearance

Sun pinched off
A plume of
Primordial fire
Light-years long
Roars at a
Planet evolving a bird
That names itself
A single
Musical note.


  1. Wow, Norma's photo is magical
    Loved your poem too ...

    Have a bright and magical day , Geo
    Smiles ...

  2. Inspired! I MUST return to poetry... just not enough hours, days...

  3. I like the phenomenal images your words evoke, and that it all culminates in a single note. Very nice, and the pictures are awesome too, Geo. Keep working your magic with words.

  4. Beautiful poem and picture. You work is always refreshing.

  5. Your poem well justifies and matches up with the level of excellence in Norma's art.

    Your poem also bridges the distance between confusion of outer space and the beauty of our own Earth in her picture. This is my understanding of your post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautifully poetic and I just love the positioning of the bird.


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