Thursday, August 6, 2015

Despite Drought

Despite drought, clouds
Venture out and nest
Among  mountains, 
Pile over arid plains,
Do their best at summer
Rain but steam away.
They write a promise
On our pavers: another
Day..... another day.


  1. Congrats to Norma for capturing the moments, ( specially in the second picture). I remember from long long time ago how quickly the scanty raindrops of summer rain dry up from the bricks of the sidewalk and even from dirt around tall trees.
    Your verses make the pictures more meaningful and add to their perfection.
    Thanks for sharing. Have not been on blogger for a couple of days now. I am glad I signed in.

  2. Those clouds and their teasing sprinkles can drive a person crazy.

  3. Oh Geo...there is a beauty in your words that defies mere words.
    There is something about those tiny droplets...and their I lie in the shade wishing so hard...:)

    Absolutely awesome...:)

  4. Ah, the clouds are not teasing me at all. They are spewing forth and making up for broken promises galore!

    Nice piece, Geo.

  5. This is so beautiful and inspiring...thank you!

  6. Right - so many teaser clouds and bits of moist promises of return.
    Nicely worded, Geo.

  7. It's rained for days here. I wish we could somehow share it with you.


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