Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Something I Wrote Emma and Ygraine

Sometimes I dream
Of departed loved ones,
And like to think,
When the dream is over,
We all return to our
Different mornings
And get on with life.


  1. A beautiful sentiment and a neat photo.

  2. And why not? Time, oh, collapsible time ...

    love the image ... I can see him turn and walk further into the photograph ...

  3. We do get on with life but I feel that after a pleasant dream of loved ones we are a bit happier as we go on. I like your picture of Uncle Alfred. That happy-go-lucky smile of his reminds me of my father who was a very likable man.

  4. I've had a similar thought/dream about the dear departed. It's like there really is that "river" the hymns talk about and they are on the other side, going about their business. Then I wonder if they are thinking of us.

    Yep. That's when it gets misty around here.

  5. Such a beautiful sentiment, Geo...incredibly moving and thought-provoking.

    Yes, I like to believe that too...they are never more than a mere dream away.

    I love the photo of your Uncle Alfred.:))
    Old photos are incredibly fascinating to me...a bit like peering through a window into another era.

    What a truly fabulous post! :))

  6. This is very heartfelt and beautiful, Geo, and I love the snapshot of your Uncle Alfred! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  7. Love the photo of your uncle Alfred and the heartwarming sentiment, Geo. Old photos always intrigue me, thinking about the history of the lives and loves behind them.

    I'm here now ... https://motherwintermoon.wordpress.com
    OpenId wouldn't cooperate with letting me sign in through Wordpress.

  8. I'm hanging onto the phrase "different mornings" - with awe. Thank you. Your every poem is a gift, Geo.

  9. You write with such fondness about your uncle that one has to stop and think about uncles being so loving. You must be one of the lucky ones. Thank you for re-enforcing the value of the relation in such a poetic manner.


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