Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kitchen Porch Repairs

Replacing purlin, post,
Where rot most appears,
One climbs a house's
Heart from here, alone--
With tools and tapes,
Embraced by redwood bones
Where weather chews--
To review foxing soffits
And incursions upon
A porch's purpose
To protect-- protect
Where life goes on.
It holds onto one
Until the job is done.


  1. A wonderful piece, thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely brilliant!!!
    I love how the repairs become a delicate, life-saving operation...performed within the embrace of those redwood bones...
    and I find myself hoping, hoping, for this porch's complete and speedy recovery...:))

  3. The weather chews. I love that idea.

  4. The porch that offers all that protection is sure to appreciate the tender care to keep it in good working order.

  5. "Embraced by redwood bones
    Where weather chews--"

    Weather has been chewin' on casa de los Cherdo, too. ;-)

  6. So close - - I mean the wordings, back home in India they say time eats away, when they refer to wood giving in to nature. Adding a poetic touch to renovation will secure the memories of the home even more strongly.

  7. "Until the job is done." So much meaning in this one.
    Thank you, Geo.

  8. I can only think that a porch is the symbol for arrival. Then it directs our mind into the heart of life's meaning. The porches of our life need maintenance and care. "To protect-- protect, Where life goes on." I loved this so much!

  9. I love all the literal and metaphorical components of this post, Geo. You have expressed a beautiful message and sentiment here.


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