Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cognitive Distortion And Tinnitus

We have only this moment
Sparkling in our sudden
Selves, dissolving as a bit
Of frost to lose in autumn sunshine.
Whether mine or yours to use
Or not, it is enough to
See it do that --run under
Our ringing ears, our fears,
Enduring in distorted years
And yet mind drives, eyes see.
Let us, let me, behave wisely.


  1. I definitely believe in living for the moment with my heart remembering the past and my eyes looking toward the future. When we analyze time it is all now. Once now is gone a new now takes its place. It is always now.

  2. I like the way you grounded us with the final words.
    Thank you for another magical poem, Geo.

  3. When I complained to my husband that he does not walk enough, he told me today that his eyes do the walking and that is quite enough.
    Today your poem made me understand something he does not want to tell. I cannot pin point but I think as we get older just doing enough is good enough. I hope that I am able understand what you are saying in your poem.


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