Thursday, November 5, 2015

Meditation Between Past and Future

Life selects
Certain molecules.
Even in this thought
A trail of atoms,
Disrupted, changes
The past.
I hope the forward
Scope of meditation
Is likewise vast.


  1. I like Norma's comment on the picture. I sleep often in my chair. If I were to go to bed to take one of my beloved naps I would probably sleep into the night. Sleeping in the chair I get just enough rest to be ready to go again.

  2. This is beautiful and poignant.

    I've learned a little bit about those disruptions that change the past; I'm hoping to make a wide, wide valley between them and us.

    Lovely, lovely post, dear Geo.

  3. You are not asleep, you are in deep thought, aren’t you?
    The best thoughts come when in that half-world between waking and dreaming.

  4. This is lovely, Geo. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Ha...reminded me of so exhausted at present, that I'm often falling asleep in the chair...even when watching my favourite TV programmes!
    Next time it happens, I'll try observing my thoughts...and follow the trail of atoms...

    Brilliant post, Geo...I so enjoyed.:)

  6. The photo and the caption make me smile. I recently started trying out meditation...if I did that in bed I'd fall asleep instantly ;) I am sure that meditation has a lot of power and is maybe even more vast :) Have a wonderful week, Geo!

  7. Very thought provoking indeed.
    You look like you are in deep meditation I wonder if Norma captured the moment without your knowledge and then you wrote the poem. I am sure you did, you are a great artist.


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