Sunday, May 12, 2019

Panspychic Instruments

Lenses, table-top pots
Stop instants--
Senses trimmed in retorts
Decant, tease 
Essence out of light,
A cosmos out of night, all
Creation ideating.
You'd think a
Mind that spans
All time would
Not change suddenly,
Impose what could
Be upon what was
But sometimes that's
All it does.


  1. every sense of the word!!
    The often taken for granted...and yet...there is an entire hidden science within our skulls - if only we take the time to look!
    Oh this is awesome, Geo!!
    You always expand my consciousness...thank you so much!😊😊

    1. Dear Ygraine, thanks. You encourage me. The mind seeks ever-expanding regions of organization and, yes, it is magical. I am an old man, but only young magician.

  2. I hadn't run across the term panpsychic before - this will be the new (big) thing I've learned today, Geo. A mysterious poem to go with a mysterious photo!

    1. I remember being glad to find that word, glad you found it too. When we were kids, my brother and I would sometimes stay up all night discussing the character of the universe --how there is always new stuff to learn in it. We decided matter may be finite in space but add time and energy, you get all possibilities assembled in it --even thought.

      Even thought. Panpsychism is an exciting, endlessly fascinating philosophy. Norma's photo shows our porch table littered with philosophical instruments that I've used for many years. Mysterious but not scary: Happy hunting, dear Jenny!

  3. You are a gifted gift, Geo.
    "A cosmos out of night" - I am still taking this bit in.

    Be well.

    1. Dear Robyn, the search goes on --good thing too. We are always learning thought because we're always part of the growing cosmos.


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