Friday, June 26, 2020

Homonyms Or Homophones?

In music, in thought, we find
The mind entails a notion
Of all things and the
Mind entails an ocean
Of all things...
   does the
Pacific as our star leans
Into sunset , where life,
Language bring an ocean
And notion to mean
Much the same thing.


  1. I reflected on this one for a while. I sometimes let the words wash me away.

    1. Kind Rick, it's a 1st crack at how the underpinnings of language thrust us into new combinations and new meanings--and how often music produces the effect.

  2. Yes, this is one to savor and read again and again. Very thought provoking - an ocean of notions...You are oceans of eloquence and brilliance, dear Geo.
    Thank you for another treasure.
    Take good care, sweet friend.

    1. Dear lovely Robyn, Thanks for your kind comment. As I get to be an older and simpler gardener, the language of life-forms and cosmos unify, bit by bit, perhaps infinitely.

  3. Geo:

    I very much appreciate your works here !


    1. Thanks Prof.! I sure appreciate your comment in return. It's been hard to write poems while old friends and neighbors are dropping around me, but I'm determined to post something today at "Gardening With Geo." Please go see.

  4. i wonder how air passing through our lungs shaped itself so magnificently to display our thoughts and who spoke very first word on this earth dear Geo
    i see no flaw in the sublime system of Creator
    he is best narrator and best poet indeed and we are mere his tiny reflections :)

    1. Dear Baili, I suspect the first word spoken on earth, perhaps in all the universe, was an interrogative. Creation, poetry, both pursue questions.


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